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PTT Radios Over WIFI & LTE  Networks
PTT Radios Over WIFI & LTE Networks

Push To Talk (PTT)

(PTT) Push to talk over Cellular & or Wi-fi

Global PTT service
Users can use PTT service globally via public operator’s existing mature 2G/3G network.

3G/GSM (GPRS) / WIFI transmission
It provides flexible ways of using PTT service under various radio environments, if WIFI is on, WIFI will be the first choice for transmission; if WIFI is off, then 3G comes first, then 2G.

NFC (optional) /Bluetooth
NFC and Bluetooth function modules bring more possibilities for extended use, like patrol system, or other third-party applications.

More accurate positioning: A-GPS
A-GPS (GPS with assistance of base-station in public radio network), GPS module sends the initial GPS data to base-station, after analyzed by base-station, the data will be returned to GPS module for further processing.

Remote Programming over the air via public radio network enables lower customer OPEX
Users can modify the setting for the two-way radio through web-based management platform or App in smart phone, then the modified parameters will be sent to radio via 2G / 3G network automatically.

Remain user operation habits of critical communication
With supporting basic functions of professional two-way radio, like voice services (all call / group call / private call / alert call etc); Text message (manual message / pre-programmable text); Tone alert ( incoming call / outgoing call / text message / talk permit / low battery ) etc, users don’t need too much extra training for Push to talk over Wi-Fi / Cellular two-way radios.

Advanced signaling service
It supports functions radio kill / stun / revive, radio monitor, ambience listening, roaming to enable flexible management.

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